I’m Being Featured in the Alta Coffee Shop Gallery

Alta Coffee Shop

If you’ve never been to Alta Coffee Shop in Newport Beach, California, add it to your bucket list now. In my hometown of Newport, Alta Coffee Shop hides in the depths 32nd Street in Cannery Village. Close enough for the locals, but tucked away from the busiest roads.


Alta has always been an escape for me. Although I spent the majority of my summers in Newport in my youth, my family officially moved there when I was 16. As you can imagine, moving to Orange County at that age is not exactly a picnic in the park. I spent most of my days roaming around by myself and discovering new places that would make Newport feel more like home.


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A friend then introduced me to Alta Coffee Shop. I was enchanted by this old bookshop that was transformed into the coffee shop we know now. In Alta, they encourage you to turn off your phone and escape the world for an hour or two, while enjoying a hot cup of their delicious organic coffee. I started to visit there all the time to avoid the pressures of fitting in in this community. While visiting Alta, I was always reassured that this was the Newport that I always knew and loved. Alta Coffee Shop takes you back and reminds you that you’re not in Orange County, you’re in the best little surfer town in Southern California.


Now eight years later, I get to have my paintings line the walls of Alta Coffee Shop for the month of April. Sure, it’s no fancy art gallery, but I wouldn’t want it any other way. This quiet bungalow provided me with a safe haven when I needed it most. If you haven’t, be sure to check out my little refuge. Order a surfer’s burrito and their daily roast. Maybe you’ll fall in love the same way I did.